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Photography by Jeff Klagenberg

fenced_in foggy_field_work frozen_leaf geneva_fountain reflections_of_geneva
Fenced In
Foggy Field Work
Frozen Leaf
Geneva Fountain
Reflections of Geneva
glass_flowers green_and_rust green_leaves growing half_log
Glass Flowers
Green and Rust
Green Leaves
Half Log
abbey_hallway hawaii_house hawiian_prairie hawiian_wind_power hay_bales_in_snow
Abbey Hallway
Hawaii House
Hawiian Prairie
Hawiian Wind Power
Hay Bales In Snow
heart_rock high_desert_mountain high_key_log hmb_weeds holy_island_boats
Heart Rock
High Desert Mountain
High Key Log
HMB Weeds
Holy Island Boats
holy_island_sunset icy_inlet infrared_wood leaf_on_wall leaf_skeleton
Holy Island Sunset
Icy Inlet
Infrared Wood
Leaf On Wall
Leaf Skeleton
leaf_support leaf_under_wave leafless leaves_of_a_color leaves_on_edge
Leaf Support
Leaf Under Wave
Leaves of a Color
Leaves on Edge
leaves_on_line leaves_with_drops living_bark lilies_up_close lone_acorn
Leaves on Line
Leaves with Drops
Living Bark
Lilies up Close
Lone Acorn
green_acorn lone_ginkgo long_ripple mini_torrent misty_trail
Green Acorn
Lone Ginkgo
Long Ripple
Mini Torrent
Misty Trail

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