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Photography by Jeff Klagenberg

short_pier abandoned_sinks slate_jigsaw small_frog small_leaf_with_rust
Short Pier
Abandoned Sinks
Slate Jigsaw
Small Frog
Small Leaf with Rust
small_rock_and_leaf small_sunflowers snow_limbs snow_trees spider_in_the_hole
Small Rock and Leaf
Small Sunflowers
Snow Limbs
Snow Trees
Spider in the Hole
splash_with_gull stained_glass_hand star_shade subaru_journey submerged_cart
Splash with Gull
Stained Glass Hand
Star Shade
Subaru Journey
Submerged Cart
submerged_cone sun_statue swirling_sunset swiss_pier tahoe_street_sign
Submerged Cone
Sun Statue
Swirling Sunset
Swiss Pier
Tahoe Street Sign
tahoe_sunset the_power_of_water tree_for_the_forest tree_reflection tree_shadow
Tahoe Sunset
The Power of Water
Tree for the Forest
Tree Reflection
Tree Shadow
runners two_tree_reflection waiting_for_wave water_flow_with_leaf water_flue
Two Tree Reflection
Waiting for Wave
Water Flow with Leaf
Water Flue
water_grass lake_stairs water_texture_with_rock wet_brick windblown_flower
Water Grass
Lake Stairs
Water Texture with Rock
Wet Brick
Windblown Flower
window_to_sky windowshade winswept_pine wood_bench zion_tree_reflection
Window to Sky
Winswept Pine
Wood Bench
Zion Tree Reflection

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