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Photography by Jeff Klagenberg

nature_s_hand nature_s_monet nc_boats nc_steps niagara_tree
Nature's Hand
Nature's Monet
NC Boats
NC Steps
Niagara Tree
night_latern oxford_archway oxford_window wave_at_pacifica_pier persevering_tree
Night Latern
Oxford Archway
Oxford Window
Wave at Pacifica Pier
Persevering tree
petaluma_sunset philly_door pipes_and_sky poppies_on_driftwood tahoe_power_line
Petaluma Sunset
Philly Door
Pipes and Sky
Poppies on Driftwood
Tahoe Power Line
power_tower_refeletion purple_petal red_tulips red_yarn redwoods_in_fog
Power Tower Refeletion
Purple Petal
Red Tulips
Red Yarn
Redwoods in Fog
reflections_of_granite restaraunt_in_motion resting_flower rock_wake rocky_shore
Reflections of Granite
Restaraunt in Motion
Resting Flower
Rock Wake
Rocky Shore
rusty_hinge rusted_paint rusted_rail rusty_corner rusty_l
Rusty Hinge
Rusted Paint
Rusted Rail
Rusty Corner
Rusty L
sand_patterns sand_wall sandstone_roots saskat_fence saskat_trees
Sand Patterns
Sand Wall
Sandstone Roots
Saskat Fence
Saskat Trees
satellite_dish scorched_ponderosa scratched_bark seaweed_wave shadow_bridge
Satellite Dish
Scorched Ponderosa
Scratched Bark
Seaweed Wave
Shadow Bridge

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