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Andrea Mone

How do I know Jeff?
I have known Jeff for over seven years.  We were both employed at the same company, and our friendship has long outlasted our time there and in fact the company itself.  An interesting tidbit to note about Jeff is that he says “Good morning” no matter what time of day it is, a hazard of working the night shift at one point in time!  It is also indicative of his sunny disposition; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood.  In addition, Jeff is a fascinating blend of the technical and creative, which is most definitely highlighted in his photography.

 I had tremendous difficulty selecting only three of his photos as I adore a large selection of his work and possess a number of his pieces.  After much consideration, I chose Bryce Shadow, Holy Island Boats, and Splash with Gull.  As a complete ignoramus when it comes to the technicalities of photography, I will explain in layperson’s terms why I chose these three pieces.  Jeff has a way of capturing a single, lonely incident and making poetry out of it.  I look at so many of his pictures and ruminate over the beauty he manages to depict through the simplest of scenes and objects.  A lot of Jeff’s work has a haunting, mystical quality to it.  

I gaze at his pictures and always try to think up stories, proving that his work is simultaneously inspiring and thought-provoking.  What stories can you come up with while viewing these three pictures?

Bryce Shadow conveys a sense of movement in shadow.  Jeff has a way of making the inanimate look like it will jump off of the page.  I look at this image and think I’ve figured out how the Giant’s Causeway came into being – a large, rock giant casting footprints on the landscape.
Holy Island Boats provides a sense of history and seclusion.  Jeff has a way of eliciting meaning out of seemingly stark and lonely scenes.  I look at this image and think of remote times, yet I appreciate the potent beauty.
Splash with Gull is all about movement, texture, and the juxtaposition of the wild and grabbing sea against the calm and fearless gull.  Jeff consistently creates a tension in his work that rivals The Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick!
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