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Kirsten Parker

How do I know Jeff?
It has been almost two decades now since I first met Shake (AKA Jeff) as a fellow student at U. C. Davis. He and our mutual friend Dave would often tempt me away from my late night engineering studies to indulge in french fries and philosophy at Nations Hamburgers, or to test launch fantastically designed paper airplanes from the roof of the Physics building, or to play frisbee golf on the quad. Our delightful and diverse adventures in moonlit procrastination constituted the rich marrow of my humanities education. He is now much as he was then, endlessly fascinated with life in all its complexities and disciplines. Still a student at heart, he ponders and debates everything from science and technology to music and art. This vibrant curiosity sparks and resonates in his photography. He is a modern Renaissance man.
Wet Leaves
Lovely yet sad, there is a certain quiet beauty in the transitions of life. Far from the vigor of spring, the discarded leaves of winter rest on the slippery precipice of oblivion.
Swirling Sunset
After a hot summer’s afternoon, I long to quench my feet in the cool, whirling waters of the secluded pool and, thus refreshed, set my mind adrift in pleasant reflection.
Fall Oaks at Twilight
The gloaming of a crisp, cool autumn day enchants the heart and warms the spirit. How is it that such a brief moment should invite contemplation of the infinite?
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