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Linda Hirahara

Who is Jeff Klagenberg?
I met Jeff on the roof of the physics building in Davis under a starry summer sky… he was a teaching assistant of an astronomy class I was taking. He was initially introduced to me as “Shake” (short for Shakespeare), which was his college nickname. I liked him because of his care for the people and world around him, his patience, his intelligence, his good-nature, and of course his handsomeness. He is a person who is inquisitive, and is not afraid of pursuing new things -- he was a founding member of a start up called Purple Sax, he recently scored in the top 90 percentile on the GRE, he was in the Shakespearian play “Twelfth Night,” he is an excellent chef (specialties include BBQ hot sauces, crab cakes, stews, and marshmallows), he has dabbled in other media (drawing, oil painting, sculpting with soap stone, lapidary), he enjoys strategy games, he has an interest in the neurosciences (nerve regeneration in particular), and he enjoys politics (he entertained the possibility of running for Governor of California). In essence, I would describe Jeff as a “Renaissance Man.”

Arched Reed
This is my favorite picture because like Jeff and I, it is a union of contrasting elements, resulting in a beautiful combination … the simplicity of the composition against vibrant blues makes for a refreshing feeling. It is a serene picture showing harmony between the water and earth elements, yet the colors are electric and energizing.

I am not alone in appreciating the beauty of this image. This picture was displayed at the Fort Smith Art Center in Arkansas in the first photography contest Jeff entered.

Reflections of Granite
I chose this image because it symbolizes the beginning of Jeff’s journey in becoming a serious photographer. At the time this picture was taken, Jeff worked at Lockheed as a satellite operations engineer, and was a member of the company’s photography club. Through the club, he was able to borrow a Calumet 4X5 camera and took this picture. This was the first picture Jeff enlarged, printed, and framed. I enjoy reflection shots, but this one in particular is mesmerizing because of the complexities within the image; not only do I find the reflection of the mountain interesting, but I enjoy being able to see what’s under the water.

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