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David F. Parker

How do I know Jeff?
Jeff Klagenberg and I have been friends for 20 years, although "friends" seems an inadequate description of the relationship we continue to share. In that time we have also been college roommates, classmates, work colleagues, gaming adversaries, confidants, and sounding boards. I was the Best Man at his wedding and he walked my mother-in-law down the aisle at mine.

 I met Jeff in 1983 at the University of California, Davis. We were both physics undergraduates and shared a healthy interest in things that would keep us sane while delving into the analytical framework of the world around us. Photography was one of those interests. After college, we both continued to pursue photography, at first as a hobby and then, for Jeff, as a profession.

 When Jeff asked me to help choose some of the photographs for this exhibition I was both honored and daunted by the task. The appreciation of art is such a personal preference. My description of what draws me to a particular photograph may or may not carry weight with another viewer. Knowing this, I decided to choose photographs that showcase Jeff’s strengths as a photographer.

Arched Reed
Arched Reed is a superlative example of simplicity, color and form. Good framing, combined with a simple subject and a luminous background make this a very appealing photograph.
Fall Leaves Floating
In Floating Leaves, Jeff uses reflection and color to bring vibrancy and life to the decay of fall.
Short Pier
Short Pier is a personal favorite of mine. The composition of the gritty pier against the vanishing horizon pulls the viewer into the scene. A very powerful image.
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