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Brian Quigley

How do I know Jeff?
Jeff and I have known one another since working together at the same small company in Mountain View. Even though we haven't worked together for many years, we have maintained our friendship. Jeff's talents and interests are an eclectic mix include acting, writing, political and social commentary and of course photography. He's an all around great guy. Plus he likes Guinness.
Corolla Light Sunset
Each time I view "Corolla Lights", it brings a smile to my face. It recalls the many wonderful sunsets I've viewed over my lifetime. "Corolla Lights" captures that ideal moment and puts it on display for our enjoyment.
Icy Inlet
"Icy Inlet" creates a sense of foreboding in me. Perhaps it is the trolley wheels, which surely squeaks, the too thin ice, the chill in the air, or a horizon that is swallowed by the fog, but each time I view the photo, I get a shiver down my spine.
Splash with Gull
Each time I view "Splash with Gull", I see it from a different perspective. The crashing wave in the foreground draws me in. A gull flies away, eluding the grasping wave. Sunlight battles the fog and wins a small, blazing victory on the farthest beach. All the while, the waves continue on, rolling toward the beach.
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