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Jeff Klagenberg 

How do I know me?
Well, I have known myself for about 38 years…well, probably more like 35 years as the first 3 are a bit foggy.  Really not sure how well I’ve known me for the last 35 either…  There are many things I have done, but I always come back to photography.  I take photos often just to find myself.  My technique is simple; I wander, once for about a month, and watch till something catches my eye.  I then explore that eye-catching place and look for the essence that caught me.  Of course, I have the memory of the moment to associate with that moment.  So I am always curious what ends up coming through to other people.  As you look at all the images here today, what pops out at you?

Misty Trail
This image drags me in because of the beckoning mystery of fog.  It is also an image where a more subtle man made object (the trail) exists in harmony with nature.  Images like this, which I view differently depending on my mood, are often my favorites.  Do you see it as a compelling mystery or foreboding?

Tree Shadow
Well, just so you can share one of my memories of this moment --BRRRRRRRRRR!  I look at this and wonder what that shadow is reaching in search of…

Davis Benches
I just want to go sit down in those benches.  But I also don’t want to disturb the peace that seems to be there. 

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