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Bill Payne

How do I know Jeff?

I have known Jeff for seven months.  I met Jeff in our office and for some strange reason we got into talking about Art and Photography.   After discovering that Jeff is a photographer I looked over his work.  What struck me is three things, the fact that he uses the medium as a vehicle for his ideas and not using the medium as an end to itself. The second is that he is an Artist and not a Photographer in that he plans his work, he sets out goals and he succeeds in achieving those goals.  The third is his satisfaction comes first in living with the end result of his work.  Thereby sharing his work with others he is sharing himself and there is no better way to get to know him.

Dancing Daisies
This a very beautiful piece. Not because it is of two half dead daisies.   Step back and focus on the most exquisite blue bud you have ever seen.  As you concentrate on the blue bud in dead center the yellow flowers fall away and the remaining background of browns and blues become the forefront and the flowers mere sideshow to the main attraction.
Green Leaves
This piece works on two levels. It has a slew of color of lights to darks and has great balance yet all different hues and depths. If you look at it for a while the color green plays no role.  The second point is that on the middle right there is a break in the leaves and something is behind it, what is it?  I do not know, but I am interested to find out. 
Red Yarn
Why did Jeff take this picture?  What prompted him to walk up to this copper statue and take a picture of it?  Was it to create a contradiction of color?  Was it to be cute and think people might like the picture?  No, I don't think so.  Jeff did this to annoy us.  You want to just go pluck the yarn out like a splinter.  How come he had to take that shot on that particular day?   A mere photographer would have taken a picture of a statue.  Jeff the artist ruined our day.
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